Science on Stage Europe

Science on Stage Europe provides a European platform for science teachers.

Science on Stage reaches ca. 100,000 teachers and teacher trainers across 26 European countries and Canada.

A network of National Steering Committees in these countries provides the interface to their national science teaching communities.

Every two years Science on Stage Europe organizes Europe’s biggest science teaching festival, where teachers from all over Europe exchange their projects. All over Europe these projects find their way into classrooms through teacher training or teaching materials.

Participants have been chosen through competitive national events: my project on the teaching of the old calculators won twice the Italian competition, being then represented in 2013 in Slubice (Poland), in 2015 in London and in 2016 again in Poland for the National Event.

Poland, Slubice, SONS 2013: Nicola Marras stand

Poland, Slubice, 2013: the stand

The Polish television made me an interview, entitled "Unplugged calculators: making a bridge between past and future", where I showed my program.

Nicola Marras' Interview at SONS 2013

Poland, Slubice, 2013: the set

SONS 2013 Nicola Marras on Polish TV

Poland, Slubice, 2013: the interview online

London SONS 2015: Nicola Marras' stand

London 2015: the stand

Science on Stage 2015

London 2015: visitors

Science on Stage 2015

London 2015: teachers from all the world

Science on Stage 2016 Nicola Marras' stand

Poland, Poznań, 2016: the stand

Science on Stage 2016 Nicola's Staff

Poland, Poznań, 2016: the great staff!

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