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Download the Sneaky Calculator with instructions to program it

The Sneaky Calculator

This calculator is useful for checking the level of attention of pupils.

For some operations, programmed, it gives incorrect results that few are aware of.

Sneaky Calculator's Word Problems: check attention

A square measures mt.120 x 80. Find its perimeter.

Solution: 120*2+80*2=400; but the display shows 600.

€ 1,348 worth of tickets were sold at the carnival. If tickets cost 4 for € 1, how many tickets were sold?

Solution: 1,348*4=5,392; but the display shows that 6,390 tickets were sold.

You can earn € 8 a day by cutting the grass. How many days will it take you to earn € 184?

Solution:184/8=23 days; but the display shows 27.

You had € 1 million, but then you spent € 999 and then € 22,222. How much money do you have left?

Solution: 1,000,000–999–22,222=976,779; but the display shows that you have only € 956,777 left.

It takes 4 apples to make 1 pie. How many apples does it take to make 504 pies?

Solution: 5.4*504=2,016; but the display shows that you need 2,416 apples.

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