First Real Time Communication

The concept of real time communication begin in '1800

The culture of instant information sharing was born in the 1800s. Back then, news and stock trade transactions would have already traveled in real time over 650,000 km of telegraph network.

In the last century you could chat online by means of HAM radio, a network entirely built by devoted hobbyists. Access to HAM radio wasn't available to everybody; good technical skills and motivation were required.

Being connected at all times is now considered a right. However, the systems may eventually fail and leave us isolated. Only the HAM radio network can provide emergency communication links.

When we re-discover these technologies, we should ask ourselves: how our present world will be viewed in the future?

The exhibit, usually held in the context of Cagliari Festival Scienza, is aimed at showing how real-time communication has existed for almost 200 years and its probable developments.

Il futuro della comunicazione

The future of communication, in a 1920s cartoon

Cagliari Festival Scienza 2017, spazio espositivo

Cagliari Festival Scienza 2017, exhibition space

Cagliari Festival Scienza 2017, folla


Cagliari Festival Scienza 2017, Protezione Civile

volunteers of the Civil Protection

Cagliari Festival Scienza 2017, staff

the staff

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, spazio espositivo

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, exhibition space

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, interview

interview for local TV

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, Radiguet telegraph

OnLine 2018, very rare Radiguet pre-Morse telegraphs

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, telegraph equipment

telegraphic equipment

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, crowl


Cagliari FestivalScienza, the transmitter of IS1EHM

the radio of IS1EHM, the first Italian female radio amateur

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, stazione telegrafica

postal telegraph station

Cagliari FestivalScienza 2018, presentazione mostra navigazione

presentation of the exhibition on astronomical navigation

Nicola Marras alla mostra comunicazione Accimo 2018

OnLine 2018, interview for National TV at the Accimo headquarters

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