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In the English section dedicated to the ancient calculators, you will find the history of the slide rules rules, nomograms and mechanical calculators, with instructions to learn how to use and teach them. It is also possible to download my free English e-book on the history of calculus in PDF.

In "Triumph TR4" (Goggle translated) you can have all the information to buy and maintain this English spider, now a classic.

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Slide Rule: calculating instruments of the past     Triumph TR4: the world's  most exciting sport car

Nicola Marras 2003 - 2018

Was there life before computer?

calculating instruments before the digital era

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History of the communication

Science on Stage
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The book
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Start set: what to buy

Analog and digital
The beginning
The non-decimal systems

The calculators
The slide rules

Aeronautical slide rules
Rally computers
The Speed-Time Scale
Underwater slide rules
The amazing Astacalcolo
Slide rule photoshow

Virtual slide rule
Virtual HP-35
Virtual Consul Monkey

Abaques and nomograms
Volvelles and slide charts

Poggi's calculator
Baudot's code

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Nicola Marras 2008 - 2018

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the world's most exciting sport car

Triumph TR4 sitemap

Perchè TR4

La mia Homepage


Le caratteristiche

La mia TR4

Servizio fotografico su GRACE

Presentazione della TR4

La storia

Giovanni Michelotti

Disegni di Giovanni Michelotti

Intervista a Giovanni Michelotti

Tutte le TR

Le derivate dalla TR4

Le concorrenti

La GTR4 Dovè

Come acquistarla

Come mantenerla

Troviamo i ricambi

Tech Tips

Libri e manuali

I codici colore

Gli Hard Top


I rallies

Rallies photos

Canadian Shell Rally 1962 - Le auto

Canadian Shell Rally 1962 - La TR4 6VC

Alpine Rally 1962 - Le auto

Alpine Rally 1962 - La TR4 5VC

Alpine Rally 1962 - La TR4 6VC distrutta

Geneve rally 1962 - La TR4 5VC coi piloti

Liege Sophia Rally 1962 - La TR4 5VC

Coupe des Alpes 1962 - Il Team

Coupe des Alpes 1963 - La 5VC

Tulip Rally 1963 - La 5VC

Canadian Shell Rally 1963 - Ted Watson e Barry Hamilton

Canadian Shell Rally 1964 - La partenza

TR4 5VC - Allestimento 1964

TR4 5VC - Restaurata

TR4 5VC - Il motore oggi

TR4 5VC - Gli interni oggi

Le corse

Sebring photos

Sebring photos 1

Sebring photos 2

Sebring photos 3

Sebring photos 4

Sebring photos 5

Sebring photos 6

Sebring photos 7

Sebring photos 8

Sebring photos 9

Sebring photos 10

Sebring photos 11

Sebring photos 12

Le gare oggi

I links

Certificato HMC

Certificazione ASI

Legislazione varia

TR4 show

La pubblicità

TR4 beat TR3

TR4 first medal

tr4 over

tr4 little cost

TR4 real sport

TR4 stick shift 1

TR4 stick shift 2


TR4 tach 1

TR4 tach 2

TR4 takes seats

TR4 wire wheels

TR4 lap luxury

TR4 versus Spitfire

TR4 won

TR4 sweeps

TR4 boys

TR4 production winner

TR4 at Sebring 1963

TR4 at Riverside 1964

TR4A introduces next

TR4A safe speed

TR4A knock around

TR4A two fisted

TR4A filling loose

TR4A simmering power

TR4A want hell

TR4A drives hard

TR4A at Sebring 1965

TR4A at Sebring 1966

TR250 over conformity

TR250 masterful

TR250 beat Shelby

TR250 Keeps you

The TR250

The new TR5


Modellismo TR4

Arte Grafica

Curiosità TR4

Nicola Marras 2003 - 2018

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